How To Find The Perfect Denim - Step 1

Finding the perfect denim jean is no easy job, some look perfect but don't fit quite right, others are too long, too tight, the denim is saggy or they're just not for you. 
We've compiled the definitive guide to show you how to find a pair of jeans that fit, look great and feel amazing. 
Know Your Waistline!
It sounds simple, but really your body shape and type can mean that a pair of jeans that looks great on your friend, really doesn't do you any justice.
Most people suit a Mid Rise waistband, such as our best-selling Vera jean, but for others it may be a low slung number (usually best suited for rectangles, inverted triangles and hourglass body shapes) whereas a High Waisted denim may be more your friend if you lean towards a pear or apple shape. 
Try to avoid what's 'on trend' and spend time really getting to know what suits you, you might notice that you prefer a certain waist height in suit trousers or skirts - utilise this knowledge when choosing your jean waistband.
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